My Writing Spot on the iPhone™

Think netbooks are too big and clunky? Want to maximize your daily word count by being able to write from anywhere at any time? Need a place to quickly jot down those killer ideas? Look no further - the My Writing Spot iPhone app is here!

The document list shows all your current documents, with word count. The editor is simple - just you and your words. Stuck on a word? Use the online dictionary or thesaurus.
Now available on the App Store

The perfect companion to the My Writing Spot web application, the MWS iPhone app allows you to have an uncluttered writing environment with you when you're on the go. You'll have full access to the latest versions of your documents because the app keeps them in sync painlessly.

For the price of a cup of coffee, you can now have the ability to write from anywhere. It truly is a glorious age we're living in!

Write in landscape mode. Unleash the power of your thumbs!

Perfect for NaNoWriMo! The word count feature lets you know exactly where you stand. If you're out and about and have a few minutes to spare, you can dash off a few hundred words. Give your daily word quota a boost!

My Writing Spot is also handy for keeping track of To-Do lists and notes. Struck with an idea while you're away from your computer? Capture it in My Writing Spot! Since you can have as many documents as you'd like, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

Now available on the App Store