My Writing Spot FAQ

Writers are inquisitive and curious by nature. This page contains several of the more popular questions I've been asked about My Writing Spot. I will update this page from time to time as more questions come in.

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My "uncluttered writing workspace" is too cluttered. Is there any way to get rid of that stuff on the right?

Yup. Clicking on the Toggle Sidebar Button Toggle Sidebar button will hide all that stuff. You can also use Ctrl-I, if you prefer keeping your hands on the keyboard. To get the sidebar back, just click on the button again, or hit Ctrl-I. Now you see it, now you don't. Wow - you're a writer AND a magician!

Hey! How do I know that you're not reading my work?

Most websites store data on their own dedicated servers, which means that the people that run those websites have full access to your data. With My Writing Spot, your data is stored on Google's App servers, and I as the website developer have limited access to the data. Basically, I can see information about when you created or edited your documents, but the actual contents of a document are a black box to me. I also don't have any access to your account or passwords - all that is managed by Google.

Honestly, I'd much rather spend my time writing my own masterpiece than digging through mountains of data to find and attempt to read yours. I'm selfish like that. Besides, that would be poor form. I'm not going to do that.

Storing my data in the "cloud" sounds scary. Why would I want to put my precious writing into something nebulous like a cloud?

When talking about "cloud computing," cloud is the term used to describe the distribution of a website across a large number of computers (servers). Today, most websites rely on a finite number of servers to control their websites and data. A lot of the time, a website runs on a single server. If that server goes belly-up, then the website becomes unavailable and your data could be lost forever.

My Writing Spot runs on Google's App cloud, which means that the website and the data live on many different servers spread out all over the world. This has many advantages over the traditional model, two of which are:

For more information, check out this Wikipedia article on cloud computing.

How do I change the order of my documents in the document list?

The documents in the document list are displayed in alphabetical order, so you can reorder a document simply by changing its name.

When working on my manuscript, I usually like to use one document per chapter, so I end up with a list of docs with names like "Bk1Ch01 - A nefarious plan", "Bk1Ch02 - Still planning", "Bk1Ch03 - Getting tired of planning", etc. If I want to break chapters down into scenes, then I can add something like this: "Bk1Ch01Sc01" or something similar.