My Writing Spot - User's Guide

My Writing Spot's writing environment is as uncluttered as possible, getting out of the way so that you can focus on your writing. The following screenshot highlights the features available within the writing environment. Feel free to let out those oohs and aahs - don't keep them bottled up inside - it's not healthy.

My Writing Spot's writing environment

Keyboard Shortcuts

There are several keyboard shortcuts for those of you that are afraid of the mouse (or simply prefer the keyboard):

Ctrl-S : If you've grown up using Word or other equally reliable word processing software, you probably hit this key combination every 30 seconds without even realizing. Control-S will save the current document. Remember - My Writing Spot has an autosave feature that will save your document every two minutes, so you can start weaning yourself off Ctrl-S. We're here to help.

Ctrl-N : This will start a brand new document, after auto-saving the current one. Ah - the promise/terror of the blank page!

Ctrl-I : Toggles the sidebar. Make it vanish and reappear, as if by magic!

Ctrl-B : Jumps to the beginning of the current document.

Ctrl-E : Jumps to the end of the current document.

A word to the wise - make backups!

While I've tested this app thoroughly and have taken every precaution with regards to keeping your data safe, the fact of the matter is that computers sometimes hiccup, memory gets erased, networks go down, servers stop serving, etc, etc. Even almighty Google is not immune to such events.

To help protect you, My Writing Spot provides two ways to backup your documents: you can send a copy of a document to your email, or you can download a copy of a document directly to your computer. I suggest that you utilize one or both of these features every so often, just in case.